Top 10 things that will help your creative mind


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Congratulations to Ivan van Niekerk that sold a print of one of his paintings for R4500.00. Ivan has been painting with Lifeart School for just over one year. He has now finished the basic course and is focusing on painting various types of portraits. He has a love for portraits and beautiful woman…

Top 10 things that will help you to become more creative

  1. Play more – You didn’t lose your enthusiasm for play when you grew up. In fact, as an exceptionally creative adult, you still engage in “world play” of some kind, creating make-believe worlds with art or science. Your imaginary worlds led to more creative ideas.
  2. You love what you do – You dream, eat breathe the next project.
  3. You allow your mind to wander – sometime you are just staring of in space…but no one else is aware that those gears are grinding and ticking in your head. Sometimes NOT thinking helps you to think.
  4. You love your own company – you are happy to sit on the couch and dream or just read a book. You do not need others to inhabit your space.
  5. Your intuitive – you get flashes of inspirations looking at odd things. Others see a pen, but you see a line into space. ‘Once upon a time in a far off galaxy’,  is your motto.
  6. You love experiencing new things – tastes, textures, food, wine…bring it on!
  7. You observe – You are not always the most talkative, but you are very aware of the undercurrents in every situation.
  8. You are sensory sensitive – you like the feel of the paint on your skin, the flow of water running through you fingers.
  9. Your failures becomes your building stones – You stand up and keep standing up. It is not the falling that defines you, but the amount of times that you keep getting up and trying again
  10. You are different – And you are proud of it. You own your difference. .

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