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Online art courses with support from your own personal tutor will help you improve your skills, boost your creativity, and become a better artist. Learn at your own pace with the help of experienced artist, Leonie.e.Brown

What does the students say?

Leonie teaches art in such a welcoming way as well as challenging old bad habits. She has such a passion for teaching and helps you to develop in such a way that you feel you are growing and learning

Louise Bowley

Leonie is by far the best art teacher I know. She will bring out the artist in just about anybody. Her passion for art is so inspiring and it is exciting to see the results achieved by her students. Her own art is never boring and constantly evolving with new exciting technique

Bev Tew

Excellent teacher who allow you to develop your own style

Tersia Bester


What is Abstract Expressionism?

This movement is also known as action painting as it includes intense, rapid brushstrokes and dripped and splattered paints on to a large canvas. It works with the artist and expresses their mind, emotions or what they see unrealistically. Pollock is a great example as his pieces are messy and random to other but to him it is actually planned. The style is also related to surrealism as it shows the need to emphasis the mind. … Continue readingWhat is Abstract Expressionism?

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