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Online art courses with support from your own personal tutor will help you improve your skills, boost your creativity, and become a better artist. Learn at your own pace with the help of experienced artist, Leonie.e.Brown

What does the students say?

Leonie teaches art in such a welcoming way as well as challenging old bad habits. She has such a passion for teaching and helps you to develop in such a way that you feel you are growing and learning

Louise Bowley

Leonie is by far the best art teacher I know. She will bring out the artist in just about anybody. Her passion for art is so inspiring and it is exciting to see the results achieved by her students. Her own art is never boring and constantly evolving with new exciting technique

Bev Tew

Excellent teacher who allow you to develop your own style

Tersia Bester


Autumn Collective Art Exhibition

Autumn Collective LifeART Exhibition 31 May : This show by emerging local Durbanville Artists will include Impressionistic Landscapes by Marjory Lee, modern and contemporary Pop Art Portraits of well known musicians like Elton John, Lady Gaga and more by Tersia Bester, Surrealistic Dream Scapes of the Mind by John Kiley, traditional Still Lives in the style of the Old Masters by Gloria Owen and Seascapes by Laura de Bravo. … Continue readingAutumn Collective Art Exhibition

Frustration is a Good Thing

Making mistakes, is part of being an artist. Frustration is an excellent task master. Out of frustration and in your anger you decide…stuff it I’m just going to…(fill in the blank), and voila, suddenly something totally different happens. When you no longer are satisfied with your work, it means that you have reached a plateau in your new place in your skill level, and its time to move on.
It’s a sign that you are growing. Moving on means climbing mountains, and going places you have never been before. . Don’t give in, never give up. … Continue readingFrustration is a Good Thing

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