Frustration is a Good Thing

The feeling of being upset or annoyed as a result of being unable to change or achieve something.
“tears of frustration rolled down her cheeks”
synonyms: exasperation, annoyance, anger, vexation, irritation, bitterness, resentment.

The prevention of the progress, success, or fulfilment of something.
“the frustration of their wishes”
synonyms: thwarting, defeat, foiling, blocking, stopping, countering, spoiling, checking, baulking, circumvention, forestalling, dashing, scotching, quashing, crushing;

How many times have you wanted to stab your canvas with a pallet knife, or put your drawing through the shredder? When things aren’t working like we want them to, our brain is giving us a hints at what’s wrong. Our taste and perception are always ahead of our actual skill. We know how we want something to look, we just cant quite get it there. We can make that gap smaller with lots of practice, and if you’re experiencing a time of frustration, you might be on the verge of improving. This graph below has been floating around the internet, and it perfectly illustrates how it takes place.