What is Abstract Art

September 4, 2019 By LifeArt School 0

Abstract art doesn’t have to be so unclear. There is a way to “read” an abstract painting. As you become more adept at interpreting and appreciating abstract art, you’ll find it’s the perfect medium for any home or space in need of a burst of energy.

Frustration is a Good Thing

April 22, 2019 By LifeArt School 0

Making mistakes, is part of being an artist. Frustration is an excellent task master. Out of frustration and in your anger you decide…stuff it I’m just going to…(fill in the blank), and voila, suddenly something totally different happens. When you no longer are satisfied with your work, it means that you have reached a plateau in your new place in your skill level, and its time to move on.
It’s a sign that you are growing. Moving on means climbing mountains, and going places you have never been before. . Don’t give in, never give up.