Workshop: An easy and fun approach to Abstract Art

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A fun, two day, 3 hour per day, intensive interactive workshop to create your own masterpiece.

Using traditional as well as nontraditional materials. Students will be encouraged to use their unique talent and interest to explore the boundaries between different painting media.

Through demonstrations, Leonie will illustrate her very easy and fun technique. You can expect to create at least one finished painting. This workshop is open to novices.

Abstract art is a major trend in décor and interior design. Artist originals can break the bank, or you can design and paint your own to match your space for a custom work of art. Guided by professional Artist Leonie.e.Brown you’ll learn how to plan your masterpiece and create dynamic, colour filled, dramatic art piece uniquely your own. We will be learning to use added textures, drawing and mixed media, using acrylic mediums and various tools

We all love that complex, mysterious look of layering and depth, but how do you achieve it? The trick is building up those layers gradually, and obscuring or removing (excavating) previous layers selectively. Sometimes your finished piece betrays nothing of its original layer, but this process offers lots of opportunity for play and experimentation. Why put that first layer down if you are only going to cover over it? The answer is that the first layer is a starting point from which you build subsequent layers, and ultimately end up with a finished piece of art. All the layers are necessary to the process, even if you can’t see some of them. In this workshop I will show you many of the techniques I use to layer and excavate, to create visual texture and atmosphere. Learn to Paint Over with confidence, and let go of the attachment to the Finished Product. Free yourself from the bonds of perfectionism. Allow your paintings to reveal and conceal, to suggest depth under a quiet surface. Learn to use your paints and mediums effectively, and gain the freedom and spontaneity of a layered approach.


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Materials Needed:

  • Zelcryl Acrylic Piant (as many colours as you think you will need) + White
  • Dala Acrylic Gel Medium
  • Wax crayons or Pastels
  • B6 or 9 Pencil
  • Charcoal
  • Dala Water Based Inks  (as many colours as you think you will need)  + White
  • Palette Knifes
  • Mixing A3 Paper Palette
  • Hog Hair Flat and Round Brushes no: 2+4+6
  • Large House Paint Brushes
  • Nylon Angle Brushes no: small + medium + large
  • Soft Cloth
  • 2 x  A2 size boxed canvass
  • Mixing bowls, tins or old yogurt containers

For the sake of time, we will NOT be working with oils.

All materials are available at a 5% discount from  Creative Arts Shop:

  • 5% discount for LifeART students
  • 44 Oxford Street, Durbanville
  • Phone:021 975 5373

Total cost will include:

  • Coffee + Tea + Rusks + Muffins
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LifeArt School

Author: LifeArt School

Leonie has been painting for 30 years. she has a degree in Art as well as a Teaching diploma. Her dream has always been to help other reach their full potential, in art as well as in daily life. LifeArt School has been in operation since 2004 and has managed to help various students become full time artists. Leonie is also a well know local and international artist. She paints three days a week and her work is available in various galleries.

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