Why I love my Art

Interview with Marjorie Lee, student at LifeArt School

Q: How long have you been at the school?

A: Nearly five years

Q: Why so long?

A: Because Leonie.e.Brown is the best teacher I have ever had.

Q: What is so different about her teaching?

A: She is very adamant that we know the theory of what we are doing like, chiaroscuro, light and dark, hot and cold, tonal values, design, temperature of the painting and colors. She helps us bring out the best in the painting.

Q: Do you paint to sell your work?

A: Yes, I exhibit at various markets and galleries.

Q: what do you like to paint?

A: I like to vary my subject matter, but I lean more towards landscapes.

Q: What would be he greatest lesson you learned in the art class?

A: I hear her voice in my head saying: ‘Darken the dark’s, lighten the lights.’