Whats up in the wednesday class with Abstracts and Bicycles?

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Abstract Art may seem outrageously free, but in actual fact, it always has a firm rationale.

What can hold everything together?

  • A composition, what we can call a formal foundation. Some types of composition include an overall design (be careful here as this design can get repetitious and visually boring)
  • a radial design (everything radiates from the center)
  • a grid in any axis (for example, horizontal, vertical and diagonal)
  • a triangular design (the scalene triangle is easier to work with because its sides are all different lengths)
  • the bridge design (something connects one side to the other)
  • the cruciform (cross-shape); the rectangle within a rectangular frame
  • and many designs based on the shapes of letters (L, S and Z, H and T designs are some of the more common ones).

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