Top 3 Health Benefits of Pottery

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Health Benefits of Pottery

Pottery is a therapeutic art form that provides health benefits not only for the mind, but the body as well.

2. Reduce Stress

Art have physical and mental health benefits, and are helpful when it comes to reducing stress and other worries. Creating something unique offers satisfaction and a sense of completion. With today’s life style and social media, very few people take the time to really know themselves. By exploring our creativity we can better connect with ourselves and the environment. Knowing yourself, and taking time out to nurture your soul, helps with depression and stress. 

2. Improve focus

Pottery allows you to escape the worries of life and shift your focus toward your creation. Being able to fully focus, without outside distractions, helps the mind relax and expand, which will help you focus in other areas of life as well. Exploring new techniques helps the mind to create new pathways and helps the prevention Alzheimer and Dementia. Learning keeps the mind active and working..

3. Prevents and helps against Depression

The glass is either half empty or half full. Our outlook on life can cause us to see things in a negative manner. Pottery enables for improvements in flow and spontaneity, provides an outlet for grief and anger, and helps you with self-identification and self-expression, bolstering confidence and self-esteem.