The benefits of doing an Art Workshop

  1. Improve. A workshop will make your artwork more magnificent than it already is. The skills you pick-up from experienced artists add up to mastery.
  2. Energize. You will gain newfound skills and set new wind in your sails, rejuvenating your creative juices.
  3. Fresh. No matter which workshop you take, you will build on your knowledge. You CAN teach an old dog new tricks!
  4. Bravery. Taking a workshop allows you to step outside of your comfort zone. Even if you never use any of the techniques learned, you will gain a sense of fearlessness to try something new and to experiment. We could all use a little of that.
  5. Unique. Workshops let you play with techniques you never thought of, and create something distinct by adding to the tried and true techniques you already use. Newfound knowledge will spill over into your artwork in unexpected ways.
  6. Social. Bonding with other like-minded artists can expose you to new tricks of the trade like: framing ideas, art by artists you’ve never heard of, cool products that make painting easier, galleries and museums to explore, and even new music to listen to. There are many fringe benefits in the workshop community.
  7. Motivation. This is one of the biggest reasons to take a workshop. After immersing yourself in a busy workshop, you will find a desire to work at that concentrated rate. Many artists report an urgency to dive back into their artwork with a rabid work ethic after a workshop.
  8. Realization. You might just experience that AHA moment. That one tidbit of new knowledge that elevates your work to the next level, and puts the WOW factor into your next painting.
  9. Rejuvenation. Seeing a master artist at work, watching their deft mark making and precise colour mixing or feeling their energy as they work can be captivating. Furthermore, watching the process and examining their original artwork up close, gives you a clear sense of what to strive for.
  10. Choices. Last but not least, taking an art workshop will help you avoid bad reality TV shows. 🙂

Treat your self to some higher learning and check out our extensive list of upcoming workshops. Trust me, you will be glad you did.

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