Terms and Conditions

Please read through the following.

Operation and rules of LifeART School and Studio

Participants of LifeART studio and School need to read through the following:

1. Monthly Payments

  • Monthly payments are due on the last week of the previous month for the next month.
  • Delayed payments will be fined at 10%.
  • In case of continual delayed payments in excess of 3 months and after 3 written warnings: The client will be asked to take his/her business elsewhere.
  • NO weekly payments allowed.
  • No pay as you come per lesson.

2. Yearly Increase

  • All studios are rented on a yearly basis.
  • The studio rents and business costs like transport etc. increase and fluctuate per year.
  • Due to the above, a yearly (or twice yearly) increase of between 5-10% will be due every mid year, based on financial climate.

3. Cancellation or Postponement of lessons due to STUDENT sickness

  • Where illness, injury or unforeseen circumstances makes attendance impossible, that person may be permitted to do their lessons at a later date, IN A DIFFERENT TIME SLOT.
  • The dates will be based on the availability of space in the ALTERNATIVE class, and negotiated between the student and the SP (Sole Proprietor). The missed class can not be made up or used as forward payment for the same slot. The class has to be made up during another class time slot. Please note that this is not normal business procedure and done as a favor to the student.
  • It will be up to the SP's discretion to give me an alternative time slot.
  • NO REFUND of classes permitted.
  • Payment of missed classes cannot be used as a payment for future classes (following month(s) classes)
  • If you miss a class, you have a 4 month period (16 classes x 3 alternative days = 64 classes), to make up the missing classes.
  • If the student cannot make up the class during that time, they will forfeit the lesson. Classes need to be made up within the same year and will not be carried forward to the new year.
  • LAS / SP will not refund or give a free class to the student.

4. Cancellation or Postponement of lessons due to SP sickness

  • LifeArt School pays a monthly fee for studio rentals.
  • Students are free to continue the class and help each other in absence of Leonie (the teacher), as the venue is paid for.
  • Leonie is allowed x 2 sick days per class = 12 days per year.
  • In case of more than x 2 sick days per class, Leonie will attempt * (if possible) to make up *1 class in agreement with the students.
  • No refunds will be given (see point 1).

5. Cancellation or Postponement of lessons to WORKSHOPS

  • Leonie.e.Brown (LB) gets invited to do national workshops all over the country.
  • Workshops dates are booked 6 months in advance.
  • If no substitute teacher is available, some of the classes might be cancelled.
  • Students will only be charged for the lessons invoiced.
  • Workshops generally fall over April to August.

6. Public Holidays and student holidays

  • If your class fall over a Public Holiday is will be negotiated within the class whether students want to attend, or have the day off.
  • Payment will still be due for the PH, because venue still have to get paid by LifeART school.
  • If the students go on holiday for a month or more than a month, pay in advance for the next months lessons to keep your space or run the risk of losing your place.
  • No spaces will be kept without prior arrangement and payment.

7. December holidays

  • LifeART studio will close on the last Saturday of the 2nd week of December and open on the first Monday of the 3rd week in January.

8. Injuries

  • LifeART studio and the SP is not responsible for any injuries, goods stolen, or lost property on any of the rental properties used.

9. Copyright

©2004-“current year.” LifeART School. All Rights Reserved

April 2004 to current year

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