Terms and Conditions

Please read through the following.

Operation and rules of LifeART School and Studio

Participants of LifeART studio and School need to read through the following:

1. Monthly Payments

  • Monthly payments are due on the last week of the previous month for the next month.
  • Delayed payments will be fined at 10%.
  • In case of continual delayed payments in excess of 3 months and after 3 written warnings: The client will be asked to take his/her business elsewhere.
  • NO weekly payments allowed.
  • No pay as you come per lesson.

2. Yearly Increase

  • All studios are rented on a yearly basis.
  • The studio rents and business costs like transport etc. increase and fluctuate per year.
  • Due to the above, a yearly (or twice yearly) increase of between 5-10% will be due every mid year, based on financial climate.

3. Cancellation or Postponement of lessons due to STUDENT sickness

  • Where illness, injury or unforeseen circumstances makes attendance impossible, that person may be permitted to do their lessons at a later date.
  • The dates will be based on the availability of space in the class, and negotiated between the student and the SP (Sole Proprietor).
  • It will be up to the SP's discretion to give me an alternative time slot.
  • NO REFUND of classes permitted.
  • If you miss a class, you have a 4 month period (16 classes x 3 alternative days = 64 classes), to make up the missing classes.
  • If the student cannot make up the class during that time, they will forfeit the lesson.
  • LAS / SP will not refund or give a free class to the student.

4. Cancellation or Postponement of lessons due to SP sickness

  • LifeArt School pays a monthly fee for studio rentals.
  • Students are free to continue the class and help each other in absence of Leonie (the teacher), as the venue is paid for.
  • Leonie is allowed x 2 sick days per class = 12 days per year.
  • In case of more than x 2 sick days per class, Leonie will attempt * (if possible) to make up *1 class in agreement with the students.
  • No refunds will be given (see point 1).

5. Cancellation or Postponement of lessons to WORKSHOPS

  • Leonie.e.Brown (LB) gets invited to do national workshops all over the country.
  • Workshops dates are booked 6 months in advance.
  • If no substitute teacher is available, some of the classes might be cancelled.
  • Students will only be charged for the lessons invoiced.
  • Workshops generally fall over April to August.

6. Public Holidays and student holidays

  • If your class fall over a Public Holiday is will be negotiated within the class whether students want to attend, or have the day off.
  • Payment will still be due for the PH, because venue still have to get paid by LifeART school.
  • If the students go on holiday for a month or more than a month, pay in advance for the next months lessons to keep your space or run the risk of losing your place.
  • No spaces will be kept without prior arrangement and payment.

7. December holidays

  • LifeART studio will close on the last Saturday of the 2nd week of December and open on the first Monday of the 3rd week in January.

8. Injuries

  • LifeART studio and the SP is not responsible for any injuries, goods stolen, or lost property on any of the rental properties used.