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LifeART School is now also offering FREE online Art Lessons and Video Tutorials. Tutorials are available on: Basic Drawing Techniques Art Techniques for Dummies Portrait Painting for Dummies How to be good with Colour Basic Composition for Dummies Abstract Art Tips for Dummies Monoprints for Dummies Video Tutorials
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Whats up in the Wednesday class…

  30 Colour Mixing Tips For Artists How to Mix Colours When Painting Here, we are concerned not with the theory of colour, but rather its practice: that is, how to combine pigments in order to obtain the required hues, or tints/shades of a particular hue. Even so, a knowledge of the colour wheel, along with an understanding of the difference between primary, seconda...
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How to paint with a Pallette knife by Leonie.e.Brown ARTist for lifeartschool

Published on Aug 21, 2015 Palette knife painting is a bit like spreading butter on bread. It is important to know how to hold a Pallet knife and to choose the right knife for the area you are working in. In this video Leonie.e.BrownARTist, will be showing you how to make those choices as well as teaching you what to do when you get stuck. Leonie.e.Brown is a Cape Town ...
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