How to shoot dreamy outdoor photographs by photographer Jake Olson

Jake Olson is an award-winning, internationally-published portrait photographer and graphic artist from Blair, Nebraska. Jake began taking photographs two and a half years ago. In 2012, he started Jake Olson Studios and became a full-time portrait artist. He specializes in natural light and doesn’t use reflectors or a flash for any of his outdoor images. In this tutorial, Jake ...
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What’s up in the Wednesday class

Painting techniques In lifeart classes the students learn to use a multitude of techniques like scumbling, glazing, impasto etc. The also learn how to apply theses techniques yo various styles of painting like Impressionism, Realism, Expressionism etc. What is Scumbling: Rembrandt was known as one of the masters of Scumbling Scumbling is painting thin layers of opa...
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3. Advanced Oil and Acrylic Painting Techniques

Just a note to start:  A couple of these techniques may look and/or sound the same - such as what you may have learned in your basic 32 day course, but they are immensely different in what they do and achieve for you.   The Creative Knife Technique, for instance, is extremely powerful and rarely taught.  Similarly, a basic technique such as Blending, wh...
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Examples of work done at previous workshops

The Workshop is a 2 day crash course on Leonie's Special Unique technique. This technique uses only  4 colours to establish the framework and basics of the painting. What makes the technique so amazing is that the same method can be used for any form of painting, whether Landscape, Still Life, Portrait etc. Most (99%) of the students who attend the workshops has never paint...
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