How to give feedback and crit the work of fellow artists

One of the the most difficult things to do is to crit your fellow artists work, without offending or hurting their feelings. Here is some basic rules: 1. Use the love sandwich 2. remark on what is good 3. Highlight what can be made better 4. Give a solution to the problem 5. End on a high note of encouragement
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How to paint like Willem de Kooning

After Jackson Pollock, de Kooning was the most prominent and celebrated of the Abstract Expressionist painters. Although he established his reputation with a series of entirely abstract pictures, he felt a strong pull towards traditional subjects and would eventually become most famous for his pictures of women, which he painted in spells throughout his life. Later he turned to...
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How can I be the best at what I do?

We all want to be the best at what we do...and we can. If we just slow down enough to be in the moment, instead of always thinking or looking at where we would like to be or whom we would like to be with. The worst thing we do to ourselves is to compare ourselves with everyone else in your universe. It is a futile struggle to try to be ‘better’ than him/her. But d’you kn...
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