How to Scratch like a Chicken

Interview with LifeART student Karen Neuhoff. Q: How long did you spend on this painting? A: Two months of art classes, about 24 hours in total. Q Most people would say that is very long. What would you say to that person? A: It was worth spending the time to get it right. I would actually spend even more time on it. Q: what techniques did you use in th...
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How to paint with a Pallette knife by Leonie.e.Brown ARTist for lifeartschool

Published on Aug 21, 2015 Palette knife painting is a bit like spreading butter on bread. It is important to know how to hold a Pallet knife and to choose the right knife for the area you are working in. In this video Leonie.e.BrownARTist, will be showing you how to make those choices as well as teaching you what to do when you get stuck. Leonie.e.Brown is a Cape Town ...
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