Alla Prima Cafe Scene / Direct and indirect painting

Alla prima is a style of painting where, instead of building colors up with layers or glazing over an underpainting, the painting is completed while the paint is still wet. Strictly defined, an alla prima painting would be started and finished in one painting session, but the term is also more loosely applied to any painting done in a direct, expressive style, with minimal prep...
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What’s up in the saturday class…Palette knife painting

Painting with a knife is a bit like putting butter or jam on bread and produces quite a different result to a brush. Painting knives are excellent for producing textured, impasto work and sweeping areas of flat color as well as tiny shapes of color. Different shaped painting knives obviously produce different effects. For example, a short blade produces angular strokes while...
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What’s up in the wednesday class… the difference between Impressionsim and Expressionsim

What is Impressionism? Impressionism is generally considered to be a spontaneous method of painting in which an artist attempts to capture the impression of light in a scene. Impressionism was a period which emerged in the Nineteenth century and was prominent during the 1870s and 1880s. Impressionistic literature characteristically detailed the author's impression (ide...
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What’s up in the Saturday ART class…how to identify Art types

Contemporary art encompasses many different art forms, from traditional media such as paintings and drawings to more recently developed approaches that use digital and time based media to create works that incorporate both sound and image. And it doesn't stop there - more adventurous buyers might want to consider purchasing a piece of performance art that can be 'experie...
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