Lesson #2: The Position of the hand

A lot of students ask me to teach them how to work 'looser'. What they don't realize is that the position in which you hold your brush determine the 'looseness or tightness' of your painting. The choice and type of brush will also determine how the painting will look.      It is important to understand what different brushes and different hand positions do.      There...
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Beyond the Brush

Splashing liquid paint or dye onto a surface is one of the most unpredictable and exciting means of applying colour. Take turns at the classroom sink, dipping whole sheets of paper into watered down acrylic, splashing and flicking water across your work: holding paper, canvas or other painting surfaces in the air and letting the paint run down. Once an appealing wash of colour ...
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Does what you draw reveal who you are?

Does what you draw, and how you draw it, reveal who you are? There are a whole battery of psychological tests that give people art projects, and interpret their results. Learn what people can figure out (or think they can figure out) from your drawing of a tree.   <br />
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Why do artists paint naked women?

Why do artists paint naked women? How come they always paint naked women and not men? Whenever they paint a man, they cover their crotch with a sheet or something but when they paint a women, they paint everything? I know it's not always like this but for the most part it seems to be the way to go. What's up with that? The Nude spans the entire history of Western art. It b...
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