Where should I start?

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So, you can only draw a stick figure…
Your colours turn to mud…
You start at the top and end up on the side…
You don’t know HOW!

You are the exact candidate for this course…yes you can learn to paint like Rembrandt, dance like Degas, and fly in yellow skies with van Gogh.

Now, I know that that is quite a statement to make.  Most people grow up drawing or playing without any problem or inhibitions.  It is only once we start school that we get told that what we are drawing is wrong.

We are told that the grass is not purple, the sky is not green and the sun is not red. Now, who is to say that these people were correct? Gauguin made yellow skies and red suns.

Many art books try to explain how to paint.  The problem is that they don’t start with the basics.  That is exactly where we will begin. Like in every other discipline, it is always best to start with the basics. Start with the Learn to Paint in 52 days course. The course will give you everything you need to know about painting and techniques

52 Day Art Course is for all those who love art and has always had a secret desire to paint the sky red. It’s for all those that want to go from runts to Rembrandt, dummies to Degas.

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