Review on Durbanville Art Exhibition


Walking into the hall I was astounded at the variety of work on offer. From landscapes to abstracts and modern portraits. The sole proprietor of LifeArt School and studio, Leonie.e.Brown, opened and welcomed the guests with a humorous prep talk, explaining that the school caters for those who can only draw stick figures. It was interesting to note that pensioners got special discount and that the school also selectively sponsors certain students whom could not afford art classes. LifeArt school and studio does indeed live up to its name, not only in the amazing variety of work on show, but also in actively participating and helping the local Durbanville community.

Featured Works

The work varied in price from R250.00 to R5000.00. There was a vast variety of styles and methods that definitely appealed to the 100 + visitors. Whilst drinking some excellent wine and food provided by the students, quite a few pieces were sold. Niel van Graan seemed to be a best seller with his interpretation of the movie: ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’. He seemed to have taken moments out of the original movie and create his own narrative of the story. The eye moved from the one scene to the next, being pulled along by his unique painting style that reminded the viewer of a mosaic.

Marjoree Lee, works reminded and highlighted the typical Karoo landscapes painted with warm browns and oranges. Her work had a lovely unique and warm style, almost as if she was inviting the viewer into the painting.

There was some interesting surreal and dreamlike landscapes by John Kiley, large colorfill portraits by Ivan van Niekerk and Sophie Pohl, and also some lovely dog portraits by Tersia Bester. I especially liked the painting called Jopie Adams, which featured a very colorful donkie executed in blues and red’s. It was interesting that although it looked like a larger watercolor painting, it was actually done in acrylic paint.

The venue was donated by the 1st Durbanville Scouts for this pop-up one day exhibition. Way to go scouts!, and what an interesting and varied way for our scout involvement in the community.

The overall feeling of the exhibition was color fill, fun and exciting with many varied and affordable works. It would be great to see some more of theses local artist works in the future. It was well worth a visit, for the discerning collector.

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