How NOT to make mud!


I call this the Perfect…Mix.

This app will help you to find the perfect color combination. In this application, there is nothing superfluous. There are 10 color combination algorithms.

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Portrait Painting for Dummies

How NOT to make mud!

Good design helps make the leap from average to art. There should always be a dominant value. One of the basic rules I teach my students is to use the rule of …

What is Mud?

When we use the same ‘amount’ of different colors the painting will tend to look dull. Using this rule will help to brighten up your colors and not make it look ‘muddy’.

Muddy paintings can be the bane of our existence. Frustration when mixing color hinders our creative process. It can even cause us to doubt our abilities. Would you like to be rid of mud in your work? Would you like to know how you created it in the first place? Let me explain…