Painting Portraits: Traditional, Impressionistic and Modern.

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What you’ll learn…

This portrait drawing course will teach you how to paint beautiful, realistic and modern portraits that captures the subject’s likeness. This course is unique in how it breaks down the complex topic of portrait drawing into simple and easily understood, step-by-step exercises.  You’ll begin by learning the basics of the human head. Each new concept will be completed by an initial drawing and practise painting. Once you understand all the basics of human anatomy and have done the various exercises, you will continue to paint a full self-portrait, in the classical method. Once that has been done you will then move on to the more modern interpretation of Portrait Painting.

  • The Course Includes:
    1. The proportion of the head.
    2. Skin Colors with a limited palette of only four colours.
    3. The Eye.
      • Wrinkles and blemishes.
    4. The Nose.
    5. The Mouth.
    6. The Ear.
    7. Hair.
    8. Choosing the right background.
    9. Designing your final Painting.
    10. The importance of Negative Space.
    11. Modern interpretations in the style of the Impressionists, Expressionists, and more Modern styles.


No previous experience is needed for this course. Even if you are a complete beginner, this course is designed to help you easily understand the concepts and techniques.

Course Price:

R1120.00 per month which includes x 4 lessons of three hours per lesson.

Share and get POINTS to your FREE Art Class