But, I cant get to a class!

Start painting right now with your own personal online e-course with support from your own personal tutor will help you improve your skills, boost your creativity, and teach you to become a better artist. Learn at your own pace with the help of experienced artist, Leonie.e.Brown

You can only draw a stick figure… Your colors turn to mud… You start at the top and end up on the side… You don’t know HOW! 

You are exactly the kind of person that will do well on this course. Come on a journey of self discovery while you have fun at the same time. 

Let this be the year that you actually start painting! Make this YOUR breakthrough
year. Experience the awesome feeling of creating and painting something
from beginning to end.

Learn everything about you ever wanted to know, from drawing to design, color mixing to planning and using different painting styles and techniques.

Customers reviews

Leonie teaches art in such a welcoming way and sh echallenges and helps you to change your old bad habits. She has such a passion for teaching and helps you to develop in such a way that you feel you are growing and learning
Louise Bowley
Online English Teacher

Leonie is by far the best art teacher I know. She will bring out the artist in just about anybody. Her passion for art is so inspiring, and it is exciting to see the results achieved by her students. Her own art is never boring and constantly evolving with new exciting technique

Bev Tew
Excellent teacher who allow you to develop your own style
Tersia Bester
HR Manager


Designed for those who want to start painting immediately. Designed to introduce students to oil and acrylic painting methods, this comprehensive workshop will provide a framework in structural drawing, com-positional strategies, color theory, and paint application.


This is the ideal course for all those who wants to know everything about art, painting techniques, painting styles and more. This course covers everything from drawing, color mixing to ten different painting techniques. Learn to paint in different styles from Realism to Abstract.


Free yourself from the bonds of perfectionism. Allow your paintings to reveal and conceal, to suggest depth under a quiet surface. Learn to use your paints and mediums effectively, and gain the freedom and spontaneity of a layered approach.

Who can do this?

Who can do this?

Designed for beginners as well as advanced painters. This course will provide a good building block for your painting skills. This very simple recipe makes it easy for anyone to learn or improve their current skills.

What makes this course different?

Leonie is an excellent and skillful teacher that makes the learning process fun and easy. She has invented this very simple method that can be used for any type of painting.

What will I learn?

You will start with the absolute basics, like for example the six different ways of holding a pencil, the different sides of the brush. How to break everything down into the four basic shapes, and much more!

Course Curriculum Example

Module One

  • Commonly asked Questions for Beginner Artists.
  • The Tools of the Trade.
  • Choosing the right Tools.

Chapter Three - Hatching and Blending

  • What is Hatching and Blending?
  • Formal and Organic Hatching.
  • Fast and Slow Blending.
  • Hatching with Nylon and Hogshair Brush

Chapter One - Hand Positions and Formal Line

  • Your Tools and Hand Position will Determine your Style of Painting.
  • Brush Over Hand Position.
  • Brush Under Hand Position.
  • Drawing and Painting Techniques using Pencil and Paint.
  • Formal Line.
  • Formal Line Exersize with HB and 9B Pencil.
  • Formal Line Exersize with Nylon Brush.
  • Exersize using Formal line with Nylon and Hogshair Brush.
  • How to Clean brushes.
  • Life Lessons: How do you know if you need stronger emotional boundaries?

Chapter Four - Cross Hatching and Cross Blending + BONUS (PRO TIP)

  • PRO TIP! How NOT to make MUD!
  • What are Cross-hatching and Cross-blending?
  • Cross-blending techniques.

Chapter Two - Organic Line

  • What is Organic Line?
  • Organic Line Exersize with HB and 9B Pencil.
  • Exersize using Organic Line with Nylon and Hogshair Brush.

Chapter Five - What is Scribbling and Scumbling?

  • What is Scribling?
  • What is Scumbling?
  • ….and much much more…

Aim and Principles

Benefiting the individual through art and art education.
  • To contribute to the creation of great works of art
  • To provide the highest standard of education to students wishing to become professional artists
  • To give creative opportunities to the wider community.
  • The development of creative skills, both traditional and contemporary.
  • Freedom of expression.
  • No specific style is imposed on the students, once he/she knows all the basics– the style is then free to follow the artist’s intention.
  • Each student should be trained to develop a robust creative process which allows them to be true to their creative vision.
  • Understanding the art market and the world of the professional artist.
  • Yearly exhibition opportunities.
  • Facebook marketing opportunities.
  • Online Student Gallery.

The Teacher

Leonie.e.Brown, is a professional artist that loves to share her knowledge with her students. Being an artist also helps her to understand their frustrations and problems. She also has an Honours degree in Fine Art as well as a Teaching Diploma. She worked for 20 years in the advertising and marketing industry, before deciding to pursue her career as an artist on a full-time basis.

The mission of LifeArt Studio and School is to inspire and engage adults of all ages, abilities, and economic means in the arts. LifeArt strive to contribute to the creation of great works of art. To provide the highest standard of education to students wishing to become professional artists.

Based in central Durbanville, Cape Town, it offers a wide range of art courses to a very diverse group of participants.

The School also helps the local community by sponsoring two free students per class when possible. 

“Everything you can imagine is real”

 Pablo Picasso