Materials Portrait Painting Module 1

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materials Portrait Painting Module 1



Art materials Modules 1

  1. 1 x A4 sketchbook on at least 200-gram paper
  2. 1 x A4-bound notebook of good-quality blank paper
  3. Variety of hard, medium, and soft pencils A good selection is:
    1 x hb
    1 x 2b
    1 x 4b
    1 x 8/9b
  4. Putty rubber
  5. Normal eraser
  6. Grip eraser
  7. Zelcryl Paynes Grey Acrylic
  8. Zelcryl Yellow-Ochre Acrylic
  9. Zelcryl Burnt Sienna Acrylic
  10. Zelcryl Alizarin Crimson Acrylic
  11. White acrylic
  12. Hogshair flat small, medium and large
  13. Hogshair round: small, medium and large
  14. Nylon flats: small, medium and large
  15. Nylon round small, medium and large
  16. Nylon angle: small, medium and large
  17. Tear off the palette sheet. A4 or a3 size
  18. Set of 5 or
    Get pk07 + 02
Sketchbook 200 gmgm
3. Pencils
Grip Eraser
6. Grip Eraser
Hogshair flat
12. Hogshair Flat
Hogshair fan
17. A3 Tear-Off Palette
Notebook 200 gm
2. Notebook A4 200GSM
Putty Rubber
4. Putty Rubber
Putty Rubber
7 - 11. Zelcryl Acrylic Paint
Hogshair Round
13. Hogshair Round
Nylon Brushes
14 - 16. Nylon Brushes
Palette Knives
18. Palette Knives

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