How to decide on doing a Fine Art Workshop

What can you expect from  Leonie.e.Brown ART workshop?

  1. Do you want to be entertained or taught? Some artists are good teachers and some are better artists. Do you want a hands on approach or someone that just looks and comment on your work? Leonie loves having fun with her students but the most important thing is to have fun in what you are doing. Enjoy the moment!
  2. What do you want to learn? Keep in mind that we have only two to four days to try and teach you some basic techniques. Leonie’s secret technique is developed in mind to help you do the most in the shortest time possible. Bring a notebook to make notes. 
  3. Will there be group discussions? Some instructors usually goes around to each workshop participant and comments about their current progress. Group discussions, can be very interesting and informative. Students often find that they learn a lot from watching the Leonie discuss and demonstrate on fellow participants work.
  4. Will there be a critique at the end of each day? Many workshop instructors today don’t give a critique at the end of the day or week. There are both pros and cons for each method. Not giving a critique certainly lets the student save face but no one is there to show off, they are there to learn. Students learn from a critique of all the work, not just the critique of their own work.
  5. What level student is the workshop aimed at? It does not matter which level your art is at (or not at). You will still learn amazing new ways of seeing and painting. Leonie focus a lot on painting techniques.


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