Contemporary Palette Knife Portrait Painting ART Workshop 31 July – 1 August 2018 Durbanville

A fun, two day, 3 hour per day, intensive interactive workshop to create your own masterpiece.

Using traditional as well as nontraditional materials. Students will be encouraged to use their unique talent and interest to explore the human face and form.

Image Credit Copyright Voka

Through demonstrations, Leonie will illustrate her very easy and fun technique. You can expect to create at least one finished painting. This workshop is open to novices.

Guided by professional Artist Leonie.e.Brown you’ll learn how to plan your masterpiece and create dynamic, colour filled, dramatic art piece uniquely your own. We will be learning to use added textures, drawing and mixed media, using acrylic mediums and various tools.

The terms painting knife and palette knife are often used interchangeably when describing the technique of applying paint to a surface with the blade of an artist’s knife.

We will make use of techniques like, dripping, blotting, layering and of course.palette knife

Sometimes your finished piece betrays nothing of its original layer, but this process offers lots of opportunity for play and experimentation. Why put that first layer down if you are only going to cover over it? The answer is that the first layer is a starting point from which you build subsequent layers, and ultimately end up with a finished piece of art.

Materials Needed:

  • Zelcryl Acrylic Paint:
    • White
    • Lemon Yellow
    • Cadmium or Deep Yellow
    • Alizarin Crimson
    • Cadmium or Vermillion Red
    • Ultramarine Blue
    • Phthalo Blue
    • Any other colour you fancy
  • Palette Knife set of 5
  • Mixing A3 Paper Palette
  • Hog Hair Flat and Round Brushes no: 2+4+6
  • Large House Paint Brushes
  • Nylon Angle Brushes no: small + medium + large
  • Soft Cloth
  • +- 60 a 60cm Square size boxed canvas. (Please make sure canvass is smaller than 900 x 900)
  • Mixing bowls, tins or old yogurt containers
  • Spray Bottle

For the sake of time, we will NOT be working with oils.

Time and Dates starting:

  • Please be prompt
  • We start at 9.30am to 1pm
  • Tuesday and Wednesday 31 July + 1 August 2018


All materials are available at a 5% discount from  Creative Arts Shop:

  • 5% discount for LifeART students
  • 44 Oxford Street, Durbanville
  • Phone:021 975 5373

Total cost will include:

  • Coffee + Tea + Rusks
  • R1000.00 for 2 days of 3.5 hours each


Deposits + Banking Details + Invoices:

  • Once you have made a booking, you will receive an invoice with all the relevant info and banking details