How to give feedback and crit the work of fellow artists

One of the the most difficult things to do is to crit your fellow artists work, without offending or hurting their feelings. Here is some basic rules: 1. Use the love sandwich 2. remark on what is good 3. Highlight what can be made better 4. Give a solution to the problem 5. End on a high note of encouragement
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Glossary of painting descriptions (like chiaroscuro) and their meanings

Glossary alabaster - A fine-grained, slightly translucent stone with a smooth milk-white surface.   buon fresco - Sometimes called "true fresco." A painting technique in which pigment suspended in water is applied to wet plaster. This method is very durable.   cartoon - ;A full-size preparatory drawing, sometimes coloured, from which an original work such as a fresco or ...
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A quote from: Different strokes for different folks.

I think one of the biggest misconceptions is that artists only paint when the mood presents itself. That would be a luxury. Being a painter is my job and just like most jobs, I need to clock in and work whether I'm interested or not. That's where finding the key to motivation comes in. Do I wish. Speaking for myself, I'm motivated when I have direction. A project. And it usu...
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Free online Art Lessons and Video Tutorials

LifeART School is now also offering FREE online Art Lessons and Video Tutorials. Tutorials are available on: Basic Drawing Techniques Art Techniques for Dummies Portrait Painting for Dummies How to be good with Colour Basic Composition for Dummies Abstract Art Tips for Dummies Monoprints for Dummies Video Tutorials
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