Workshop: An easy and fun approach to Abstract Art

  [powr-countdown-timer id=6a781d8c_1515583405] A fun, two day, 3 hour per day, intensive interactive workshop to create your own masterpiece. Using traditional as well as nontraditional materials. Students will be encouraged to use their unique talent and interest to explore the boundaries between different painting media. Through demonstrations, Leonie will illustrate ...
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Workshop on How to paint a portrait using a basic 4 colour Palette on 6 to 7 February 2018

Learn how to make use of Leonie's simple palette to create amazing variety. Develop value sensitivity, skills, and perfecting technical skills in order to create portraits that are deeply in tune with the human spirit. Leonie works individually with each participant to guide this process. [powr-countdown-timer id=43eb2c0f_1457960943712] Designed to introduce students to oil...
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Why do I act the way I do? (Workshop with Ann Gadd on 16 September 2017)

Have you always wanted to know WHY you act the way you do? This is your opportunity to find out. The amazing Ann Gadd is doing an Enneagram workshop, and bookings is also available to the students and followers of Lifeart Studio and School.  Ann will be doing the workshop from her home in Blouberg. This is the perfect opportunity for those who always wanted to be on the 'in...
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International Art Courses and Holidays 2017

Welcome to our selection of art courses and holidays for the rest of this year and into 2017. With summer drawing to a close, and the evenings getting darker, now is a good time to secure something to look forward to that will keep the creative juices flowing as we move into autumn and through the winter. Talking of creativity, have you seen the October issues of Leisure Pain...
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