Art Terms in Action: Tint, Shade & Tone

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Secondary colours are the three colours made by mixing together each combination of the primary colours, Red + Yellow = Orange, Yellow + Blue = Green, and Blue + Red = Violet.

What is a Hue?

When you describe a colour, or colour family, such as red or orange or green, that is a hue. The basic underlying colour is the hue.

What is a Tint?

Take any hue or colour and add white to it, you are creating a tint of that hue. So, adding white to red is tinting red to make it lighter, such as pink.

What is a Shade?

Take any hue or color and add black to it and you are creating a shade of that hue. So, adding black to red is shading red to make it darker, such as garnet.

What is a Tone?

Take any hue or color and add gray to it and you are creating a tone of that hue, making the color less intense. Adding gray to red changes the tone of the red.
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