Art Classes

Learn to Paint in 52 days

This is the ideal course for all those who wants to know everything about art, painting techniques, painting styles and more. This course covers everything from drawing, color mixing to all the different painting techniques.

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Painting Portraits

Learn the techniques of the Old Masters as well as modern painting techniques.  We start from the beginning with basic recipes for drawing the head, eye, nose moth and ears.

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Advanced Oil and Acrylic Painting Techniques

This course is for those that want to dig deeper into the secret world of Oils and Acrylics, and want to see a dramatic change in their paintings.

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Learn to paint Abstracts

A wonderful fun and mind-opening course explaining all the different types of Abstract Painting. This course takes the basics of painting to a new and adventurous level. Learn about artists like Jackson Pollock, Mel McCudden and more.

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The beauty of this medium is also in its spontaneity and its combination of printmaking, painting and drawing media and is considered to be a very versatile method. The artist can decide to work positively or negatively.

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