All About Pottery!

Pottery Classes has been delayed due to Corona Virus. It will start up again in July 2020.

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Join the pottery class for therapeutic weekly morning or evening sessions. Play with clay and explore your creativity, while learning a craft and meeting new fellow potters. Immerse your soul into the sensual softness of the clay.  

No previous experience necessary.

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Single Pottery Classes

  • Pottery classes are R500.00 per class.
  • This includes all materials.

Monthly classes

  • Weekly Pottery classes are R400.00 per class.
  • You will save R400.00 per month
  • Classes are payable per month.
  • This includes all materials.

Two Pottery Classes per month

  • Pottery classes are R500.00 per class.
  • This includes all materials.

Class Days & Times:

Tuesday evenings @ 18h00 – 21h00
Saturday mornings @ 09h00 – 12h00

Can I book for any of these classes?

  • You are more than welcome to book for any one of these classes:
  • A deposit, equal to and serving as the fee for the first class is required to secure your place with a booking.
  • Deposit @  R400 
  • Pay your deposit to: ABSA Current Account
  •                                         Account: 4077788132
                                            Branch: 632005
                                            Reference: [Your Name] followed by “Pottery”, eg. JohnPottery

How do I Book?

Just email me with your name& surname, your cell phone number, and the day (Tuesdays/Saturdays) which you would like to attend.

Pottery Course

Working with clay is an art that rewards in the process both internally and externally. Just standing and feeling the clay is already part of that process, equally as fulfilling as the creating of it and of receiving back the fired work.

Handwork Techniques

Throughout the duration of the course we will be applying the basic principles of design, plan pieces
though simple sketching, and activate the creative process by vision journaling whereby each
student is encouraged to start a portfolio of their ideas and inspirations.
It is the greatest delight to see how each student produces something that is uniquely their own,
freely expressing what they naturally know.

8 Week Pottery Course

Pottery Foundation Course

Learning the Basics of Pottery Handwork Course is designed to cover the foundation of pottery handwork over a period of 8 weeks, and perfectly suited for beginners. Each student works through the modules at his/her own progress, i.e. setting your own pace- depending on the amount of detail you would like to work into your understanding of the practice/ piece you are working on. Age groups from 16 years are welcome. (Kids classes can be arranged on a different time slot).

Decorate with oxides

You’ve probably heard of oxides, but you’re probably wondering how they are used.

Well you’ve come to the right place! You will learn different techniques of decorating including brush oxides, sgrafitto, bisque and more!.

Pattern pressing

There are many ways to get interesting patterns in your clay. Look around your house, your yard, and your kitchen, and you will start to see all kinds of things that can make good textures. Rocks, the bottom of your shoe, the wheel of a toy truck, a meat tenderizer, a piece of driftwood. The list is infinite. But here are a few additional ways to make more complex patterns.

The Teacher

Marzanne Steyn, started off studying agriculture. Whilst working she fell in love with the sensuality of creating and working with clay.

It is her greatest delight to see how each student produces something that is uniquely their own, freely expressing what they naturally know


The mission of LifeArt Studio and School is to inspire and engage adults of all ages, abilities, and economic means in the arts. LifeArt strive to contribute to the creation of great works of art. To provide the highest standard of education to students wishing to become professional artists.

Based in central Durbanville, Cape Town, it offers a wide range of art courses to a very diverse group of participants.

The School also helps the local community by sponsoring two free students per class when possible. 

“Creating fine ceramic art, enriching the experience of being where you are.”

Clive Earnhart – Potter