From Art Enthusiast to Artist

Do you long to express yourself with shape colour and form, but don’t know where to start?

Have you purchased everything you need but now it just standing there, challenging you to do something, but what?

Have you been overwhelmed by that big white space in front of you too scared to put down that first mark?

Abstract painting is the purest form of personal expression. It will allow you to freely express and communicate your vision and heart.

Share Your Heart With Your Art

Step-by-step Personal Instructions and Easy Repeatable Recipes

Portrait Painting Art Classes


Abstract Art Classes


You will learn how to have frolicking fun and play with colours, drips, splashes and paints and learn to engage your non-dominant hand to create happy accidents.

Abstract Art Classes


One-on-one personal art instruction.

Abstract painting is the purest form of individual expression. It will allow you to freely express and communicate your vision and heart.

Abstract Art Classes


You are unique. Your art and thoughts are different to everyone else. You have a message of hope and colour in you that needs to be shared with others. The world needs what you have.

Let's Paint

All about Colour, Harmony and Balance

Mark Rothko, Barnett Newman and Clyfford Still – The Masters of Colour-Field Painting

Mark Rothko, Barnett Newman and Clyfford Still – The Masters of Colour-Field Painting

  • Over 200 lessons in total

Materials Needed

  • Paints: Basic Set

    • White Acrylic
    • Cadmium Red
    • Alizarin Crimson
    • Lemon Yellow
    • Cadmium Deep Yellow
    • Ultramarine Blue
    • Phtalo Blue
  1. Hogshair Flat Small + Medium + Large
  2. Hogshair Round Small + Medium + Large
  3. Hogshair Fan Brush Medium
  4. Nylon flat no: Small + Medium + Large
  5. Nylon Round no: Small + Medium + Large
  6. Nylon Angle no: Small + Medium + Large
  7. Tear off Palette Sheet. A4 or A3 size Heavy gram
  • Set of 5 OR
  • Get PK07 + 02
  • Old Credit Cards

Have kids? A demanding job, but craving too do something for yourself?

Sometimes we just don’t have the time to come to a regular weekly art class. But, you can have your Art Teacher right in your home with our amazing online art classes.

Create, and let the world see through your eyes.

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I have learnt various techniques in the past year, both in theory and practice. Leonie is very encouraging and she has amazing teaching skills. I always look forward to go to her art classes.
Leonie Brown is a amazing artist who brings the most ordinary to life -opening and taking one's heart on the "deep and beautiful work of soul making" (Sue Monk Kidd) that we are all on. She is a gifted teacher who takes you through the process of art step by step giving you the tools and skills to work independently and with creative freedom. She is encouraging when you think you couldn't possibly draw or paint and has the gift of "stepping on one's shoes without messing up their shine" . Thanks Leonie
Art for Dummies
Pam Popham
Leonie is a great teacher always smiling and willing to help - doesn't matter at what stage in art you are. She is very strict, take no short cuts & doesn't let anybody take short cuts. She keep by the book in her methods of art & teaching (from drawing in pencil throughout to the start of your 1st painting). After a class you feel satisfied with your progress and positive to for next session.
Art for Dummies
Ivan van Niekerk