Abstract Art

Learn everything about you ever wanted to know, from drawing to design, color mixing to planning and using different painting styles and techniques.

Let's Paint Abstracts

Who should do this course?

Anyone who wants to explore non-representational painting and who wants to strengthen and develop their own voice as a painter.

You will have fun experimenting with a wide variety of mixed media techniques that are exclusively taught in this program. This will include, acrylics, inks, spray paint, collage, pastels and more. If you are someone that loves to explore new things, then this is for you!

Anyone interested in taking risks with their painting. Anyone who wants to have more confidence in their own way of painting.

Prospective students need no prior experience.

Let's Paint

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Let's Paint

I have learnt various techniques in the past year, both in theory and practice. Leonie is very encouraging and she has amazing teaching skills. I always look forward to go to her art classes.
Leonie Brown is a amazing artist who brings the most ordinary to life -opening and taking one's heart on the "deep and beautiful work of soul making" (Sue Monk Kidd) that we are all on. She is a gifted teacher who takes you through the process of art step by step giving you the tools and skills to work independently and with creative freedom. She is encouraging when you think you couldn't possibly draw or paint and has the gift of "stepping on one's shoes without messing up their shine" . Thanks Leonie
Art for Dummies
Pam Popham
Leonie is a great teacher always smiling and willing to help - doesn't matter at what stage in art you are. She is very strict, take no short cuts & doesn't let anybody take short cuts. She keep by the book in her methods of art & teaching (from drawing in pencil throughout to the start of your 1st painting). After a class you feel satisfied with your progress and positive to for next session.
Art for Dummies
Ivan van Niekerk