A charmed life by Rick Rotante

When artists are successful and do well in life, people tend to think they live a charmed life.  They somehow believe we were born with this gift.  Being an artist, I’ve been told this countless times. 

From where I am standing, I don’t see my life as being charmed.  I work very hard at what I do and try to overcome obstacles either self-made or made by others. 
With every life there come’s heartache, disappointment and problems as well as happiness and successes. Even for those viewed with charmed lives, it’s all a matter of degree, don’t you think?  I see it as envy/desire of those who have vs. others who don’t have.  
A charmed life could mean having money or fame or beauty and yes even artistic inclinations. Many have these same attributes but have never acted on them. Some tried and didn’t have what it takes to stick with it.  A charmed life doesn’t mean having all the answers to all problems.  
Being beautiful doesn’t make’s one’s life easier. These attributes all come with pitfalls.  
Those who put their talents on the chopping block and take risks, benefit from the results more than those who suffer in silent anonymity regardless of the outcome. This could be regarded also a charmed life.
The way I choose to look at it is that the biggest travesty in life would be to say to oneself – What if, and do nothing.
Artists don’t say what if, they do it. They try it. Sometime they fail. That is also a part of living a charmed life. 
Without failure, successes aren’t as sweet.  To those who have tried and quit, their life seems less than charmed. Or so they believe.
Those who look as though they live a charmed life, take advantage of opportunity, take risk and are willing to fail and still go on. They fall and continue to get up. This to me has more to do with making a charmed life.  
Having a charmed life isn’t something we are born into; it’s a life we create for ourselves.  It’s a life where we take control of the uncontrollable.  Overcome when we lose.  Take a bad situation and make it better.  I know this sounds like pie in the sky stuff.  It’s easy to become overwhelmed by your situation and not see the light hidden in the clouds. 
I have found that if you think it, you can make it happen. Conversely, if you think you can’t, you won’t.
Art is a process that needs to be accomplished.  In every endeavour, one has to learn the methods and techniques which increase the charmed effect.  When you keep moving forward and use your failures to increase your successes, then you elevate into the category of living a charmed life. 
Creating art in your life has its ups and downs but that’s how it should be. What would life be if everything we did came easy, with little or no effort?

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