Figure drawing with a real life model…

Paint a truly beautiful and realistic rendering of a real live model!

You will also be taught how to mix true-to-life flesh tones, using only 4 basic colors plus white. This simplified method enables you to paint skin tones accurately from the beginning. Watch your painting come together bit by bit.

Nervous and insecure types can gain confidence with the beginners: Learn to Paint in 32 days, that guarantees individual attention or can just leap in with ART for the Soul – life drawing class.

The latter challenges both novices and aspiring Renoir’s to draw a human figure, and yes, sometimes we use a nude model. If you think it’s intimidating to be an inexperienced artist, just think what it must be like to take your clothes off in a room full of strangers. No matter which side of the easel you are on, it’s challenging and liberating.

Figure drawing with a real life model…

is one of the finest methods to develop hand-eye coordination and thus the ability to draw accurately what you see. This course first focuses on the development of these skills, gradually introducing more experimental approaches to drawing according to the pace of each student.

  • Learn how to use your pencil in various positions to change the method of drawing.
  • Learn about the different degree of representation may be from highly detailed, anatomically correct renderings to loose and expressive sketches.
  • Learn to draw in different mediums like pencil, charcoal and paints.

Isn’t it weird looking at a naked person for ages?

Not at all, because of the context. A naked person on the bus would be strange. A naked person at a life drawing class is expected and accepted. It’s clear why they are naked – drawing practice – and that isn’t anything to be embarrassed about. You are there to draw the human body – it’s one of the best things to do to practise your drawing because we are so familiar with the human body and it’s one of the most difficult and most interesting things we can draw.


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