Language of Color THREE day Painting Workshop

...Your colors turn into mud... LEONIE.E.BROWN in collaboration with WHOW Studios present a THREE day Painting and Color Workshop - Language of Color ...So, you can only draw a stick figure...and your colors turn into mud... You are exactly the kind of person that will do well on these courses. Come on a journey of self discovery while you have fun learning a...
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How to draw what you see drawing workshop

Three day drawing workshop on how to draw and observe accurately. Amazing results after only 2 hours!   How do we learn to see? The brain has the amazing capacity to store items in an orderly fashion. One can almost say that it has a filing system with A for apple, B for banana, C for cat etc. When we draw an item the brain goes look for the storage file of when it f...
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DRAWING WORKSHOP: Learn to draw ANYTHING in only THREE days, from tins to the human figure…from 23-25 February in Durbanville

Learn to draw ANYTHING in only THREE days, from tins to the human figure...from 23-25 February in Durbanville The Language of Drawing ANYTHING! Have you always wanted to draw but don't know where to start? If you answered yes, this class is for you, whether you have never drawn before, or your skills are a little rusty What we see is most frequently determined by what we...
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How to add LifeART calendar to your calender

Want to know when the next class is due, or join one of the ART workshops? Here is the perfect solution: A live calendar that gets updated in your personal calendar! The perfect solution to planning your art outings.   Add LifeART Google calendar to your Google calendar You can view someone else’s calendar if they’ve shared it with you. You can also request access...
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