Does Drawing Matter in a Loose Painting? by Kim VanDerHoek

When teaching I've been asked if a painter can hide the fact that they can't draw, if they paint really loosely. Immediately an image of a magician doing a card trick pops into my head as I imagine how a painter might employ that same type of visual slight of hand. The student asking the question is usually disappointed with my answer and they then proceed to try to prove me w...
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Get More out of Workshops by Following these Three Rules

For those of you who want to join our exclusive Ann Gadd Art Blocks and Breakthrough Workshop on 8 April, at the Meerendal Chapel Gallery, here is three basic rules to get more out of your workshop. Read more about the amazing Meerendal adventure on: This post is by guest author, Vianna Szabo.  This article has been edite...
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