How to paint accurately and get three dimensional values using dark and light

Bistre, Grisaille and Verdachio are all classic methods used by the old master to get three dimensional realistic paintings. This is a step by step explanation of Bistre by artist and teacher Leonie.e.Brown. It includes an explanation of how to mix your colours, what brush to use, how to apply the paint and how to look at your object.
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How to draw what you see drawing workshop

Three day drawing workshop on how to draw and observe accurately. Amazing results after only 2 hours!   How do we learn to see? The brain has the amazing capacity to store items in an orderly fashion. One can almost say that it has a filing system with A for apple, B for banana, C for cat etc. When we draw an item the brain goes look for the storage file of when it f...
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Lesson #2: The Position of the hand

A lot of students ask me to teach them how to work 'looser'. What they don't realize is that the position in which you hold your brush determine the 'looseness or tightness' of your painting. The choice and type of brush will also determine how the painting will look.      It is important to understand what different brushes and different hand positions do.      There...
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