Comments from students on the Art School and art teacher.

Hi Leonie I so enjoyed the last class on Wednesday and cant wait for the next class my only regret it will be my last. thank you for your amazing way of teaching and opening the window to my creativity which has been closed for so many years. All my love. Nicci Romanovsky Howzit Leonie, I'm writing a piece about various places in and around Cape Town which offer art clas...
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Learn to Paint Art Course – the final Painting!

After 8 weeks of theory and techniques, we are finally busy with the grand finale ...This the final test to see if everyone understands the theory of composition and grasp the different methods of painting techniques like Sgrafitto, pallet knife, Impasto, blending, wet on wet...etc.The students has to be able to plan and paint from an actual still life. Even though t...
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What are we doing in the art class?

Jacques painting of Orchids. Done in oil during open class on Saturdays.Fourth lesson in series 'Learn to paint". They have already learned how to measure, observe negative spaces, and tonal values.Amazing when you think it has only been 4 lessons = 12 hours tutoring! Saturday open classAt the moment we have  x 2 classes running on a Monday. Monday afternoon class sta...
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