How to make good Abstract Art

Abstract Art may seem outrageously free, but in actual fact, it always has a firm rationale. What can hold everything together? A composition, what we can call a formal foundation. Some types of composition include an overall design (be careful here as this design can get repetitious and visually boring) a radial design (everything radiates from the center) a grid i...
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Colors that dance together, Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Sienna

Earth's only Natural harmonies It is simply not true that restricting the palette to earth colours only makes for dull brown paintings. • Yellow Ochre • Terra Cotta • Red Ochre • Raw and Burnt Sienna • Raw and Burnt Umber • Green Earth • Mars Violet • Venetian Red and Indian Red • Various dusky rose and bluish greys • Off whites The 2 colour pick The colours t...
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How to paint accurately and get three dimensional values using dark and light

Bistre, Grisaille and Verdachio are all classic methods used by the old master to get three dimensional realistic paintings. This is a step by step explanation of Bistre by artist and teacher Leonie.e.Brown. It includes an explanation of how to mix your colours, what brush to use, how to apply the paint and how to look at your object.
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