Meet the artists coming out of LifeART Studio

These are the artists, (yes!, we can call them artists), that has come out of LifeART Studio in the last year or so. There is more, further in the past, but let's concentrate on the current ones. These students are still currently painting at lifeART Studio. They have finished their art courses and is now painting just for their own pleasure. Every painting they are making the...
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The Value of Color

The Affect of Value on Color Identity in Impressionist PaintingBY MITCHELL ALBALA – POSTED ON OCTOBER 13, 2012POSTED IN: FEATURED ARTISTS, THEORY + APPLICATIONWhen we consider the remarkable way the Impressionists were able to capture the illusion of natural light, the single word that undoubtedly comes to mind is color. Much of the attention on Impress...
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