LifeArt School and studio is a wholly independent art school based in central Durbanville, Cape Town, offering a wide range of art courses to a very diverse group of participants. Alongside the long-term courses (1-year in Learn to Paint) it offers life drawing and painting evening classes, weekend and 2 day Art Workshops

Aims & Principles

Benefiting the individual through art and art education.


  • To contribute to the creation of great works of art
  • To provide the highest standard of education to students wishing to become professional artists
  • To give creative opportunities to the wider community


  • The development of creative skills, both traditional and contemporary
  • Freedom of expression.
  • No specific style is imposed on the students, once he/she knows all the basics– the style is then free to follow the artist’s intention
  • Each student should be trained to develop a robust creative process which allows them to be true to their creative vision.
  • Understanding the art market and the world of the professional artist